Krapf Legal Case Study

Krapf Legal

The Results + 0 % Website Traffic + 0 Leads + 0 % Ahrefs Health + 0 % Website Optimization Project Overview Krapf Legal, PA engaged Marz Agency to optimize its online presence and attract new clients. Marz Agency provided a comprehensive solution that included website optimization, redesign, social media advertising, Google Ads, and SEO. […]

moon - Je Moon & Associates

Je Moon & Associates

The Results + 0 % Website Optimization + 0 % On-Page SEO + 0 % Ahref’s Health + 0 % Website Speed Project Overview Je Moon & Associates is a legal services provider with nearly 25 years of experience in federal and state courts and alternative dispute resolution forums. They offer a range of services, […]

Pure Atlanta use case banner

Pure Atlanta

MARZ AGENCY HELPED PURE ATLANTA GROW Marz Agency helped Pure Atlanta, a luxury retail store, improve their online presence through the use of creative content and an automated customer journey. The agency worked with Pure Atlanta to create engaging and relevant content for their website and social media channels, establishing the store as a go-to […]

Nuzzle use case banner


MARZ AGENCY EXPANDS NUZZLE Marz Agency, a digital marketing agency, helped Nuzzle, a pillow brand, utilize their social media platforms to effectively reach and engage with potential customers. Through the creation and promotion of informative content, as well as targeted ad campaigns, Nuzzle was able to increase their online presence and drive sales through their […]

Mink use case study


MARZ AGENCY SCALES A HAIR GROWTH COMPANY Mink Wholesale Hair approached Marz Agency with a challenge to minimize ad spend and optimize their existing campaigns. Our team was also responsible for creating custom content to complement the user-generated videos the company was producing. We utilized tactics such as formatting the content for various platforms and […]

Chicken & Rice use case banner

Chicken & Rice

MARZ AGENCY HELPED CHICKEN & RICE MEAL PREP Marz Agency assisted Chicken & Rice, a meal prep business based in California, in expanding their online presence through a content strategy and paid media campaign on Facebook and Instagram. By utilizing our marketing funnel, we were able to achieve a 2X return on ad spend. Our […]

Awesome Bubble Gun use case study

Awesome Bubble Gun

MARZ AGENCY HELPS AWESOME BUBBLE GUN Awesome Bubble Gun, an e-commerce store looking to optimize their seasonal sales & increase their reach through digital promotions. With the Marz Agency, Awesome Bubble Gun was able to optimize their ROAS as well as optimize the current product page. Our in-house team created custom content to entice the […]

Solo LV use case study

Solo LV

MARZ AGENCY DOES LEAD GENERATION FOR SOLO LV SOLO LV is a VOIP service provider looking to optimize not only their social presence but also increase their online lead from through digital promotions. After joining the Marz Agency, SOLO LV’s custom content and digital marketing funnels were made by the team to create a seamless […]

Home Shop Company use case study

Home Shop Company

MARZ AGENCY SCALES HOME SHOP CO Home Shop Co is an early e-commerce company, striving to optimize not only their social presence but also increase their online sales from digital promotions. While performing organic tactics to raise followings across social platforms, Home Shop Co came to us with the desire to begin paid traffic advertisements […]

Get A Rate use case study

Get A Rate

MARZ AGENCY HELPS GET A RATE Get a Rate, being an already successful mortgage broker, strived to optimize not only their social presence online but also growth in educating people through their website from digital promotions. While performing organic tactics to raise followings across social platforms, Get A Rate came to us with the desire […]