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What is SEO?

In short, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing the quality a page or domain to improve the number of organic traffic generated from keywords. So, how do we improve our SEO? SEO can be improved in a number of ways, but to keep it short; SEO can be increased by increasing the number of quality referring domains, increasing the number of quality backlinks, utilizing the best web-development/SEO techiniques, etc. Many times, one or more of these are neglected ultimatlly leading the websites keywords to not be registered at all, or ranked much lower then they'd like in search engines.

SEO Agency

Why is SEO important?

When it come to generating traffic, getting clicks, and getting a constant flow of visitors to your pages/domain, SEO comes on top. Without any SEO implementantion such as; proper use of header tags, geo-tagged images, guest posts, directory listings, quality back-links, and other SEO techniques it will be very difficult for users to find your website. Did you know that over 70% of people ignore AD links? This means that having your website ranked 1 on search engines organically with SEO, is much better then paying for keywords in some cases.

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Important techniques to increase your SEO now

Generating as much quality backlinks will increase your SEO immensely. Websites such as business directories, guest post services such as ‘HARO’, friend’s websites, vlogs, and personal blogs are all places to start. It is important to get these free backlinks first because it will boost your websites ranking past the millions of other websites without these backlinks.

Our Process

  • Audit website SEO
  • Choose targey keywords
  • Optimize website content for SEO
  • Create quality backlinks


Retail Store, came to Marz Agency to increase there Search Engine Optimization. There overall goal was to increase there organic traffic through SEO

The Strategy

In order to ensure proper growth in Search Engine Optimization, the Marz Agency developed the following strategy to make Retail store from not having any keywords ranked in under the first page to having multiple keywords being ranked on the first page.

  • Audit Website to see which keywords had the best keyword difficulty, most volume, and potential traffic
  • Analyzed competitor backlinks, and generated multiple quality backlinks with proper anchor tags to increase DR, UR, keyword ranking, and referrers.
  • Optimized website from having little to no SEO structure utilizing proper coding techniques
  • Created content to be published on multiple quality blog pages

The Success

Thanks to our team of SEO experts and communcation with our clients we were able to get the following results:


New Quality Backlinks


Referring Domains


Top 5 Ranked Keywords