Krapf Legal Case Study

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Project Overview

Krapf Legal, PA engaged Marz Agency to optimize its online presence and attract new clients. Marz Agency provided a comprehensive solution that included website optimization, redesign, social media advertising, Google Ads, and SEO.

The website optimization and redesign focused on improving user experience and creating a modern and professional design. Social media advertising and Google Ads campaigns targeted relevant audiences and generated leads. The SEO efforts resulted in increased website visibility and organic traffic. The project was a success, and Krapf Legal, PA is now well-positioned to achieve its mission of providing high-quality legal services.

The Challenge

  • Inadequate website optimization, non-functional web forms, and insufficient text content can result in poor user experience and lower website traffic, leading to missed opportunities for Krapf Legal to generate new business and grow their client base.
  • Poor onsite optimization can lead to lower search rankings and reduced traffic, making it difficult for Krapf Legal to attract new clients and grow their business.
  • Incorrectly set up Google Ads campaigns can result in wasted ad spend and lower ROI, making it difficult for Krapf Legal to see a return on their investment and attract new clients.

The Solution

  • Marz Agency conducted a comprehensive website audit and implemented updates to improve website design and layout, ensuring all forms are functional and creating high-quality text content.
  • Marz Agency conducted a comprehensive onsite optimization audit and implemented updates to improve metadata, internal linking structure, and content quality. This includes conducting keyword research to optimize for high-traffic, relevant search terms.
  • Marz Agency conducted a comprehensive audit of existing Google Ads campaigns and implemented updates to optimize ad copy, targeting, and bidding strategies. This includes conducting extensive keyword research and implementing A/B testing to maximize ROI and drive new business for Krapf Legal.
Krapf Legal Case Study
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