Why your webpage is loading slow how to fix it

How to Optimize a Website for Speed

Page speed is a huge part of your conversion rate, with the modern advances of the internet, people are expecting a fast web page load. In this blog piece we will break down the ways you can optimize your website speed.

Make it weightless

Websites continue to get more creative and user friendly day by day. Unfortunately, that can also mean they are HEAVY with content, ultimately slowing down the website. Simplicity is key, and remember to have your images optimized for page speed. Things like excessive plugins, widgets, video backgrounds, or animated elements will be the demise of your webpage speed.

Power your website

When considering the speed and growth of your website, investing in a reliable host is crucial. Traditional shared hosting plans cram tens of thousands of websites onto a single server. This leaves each individual site starved for computing power.

Build it better

When a browser loads a webpage, it goes through a process called (coincidentally) “painting.” Each page is “painted” as the browser receives bits of data from the webpage’s source code. This painting process can either be executed efficiently, or it can be done in a more chaotic out-of-order fashion that requires several trips back to the beginning of the process to redo or fix or add something that could’ve/should’ve been done earlier in the process.

In conclusion

Page speed optimization is certainly complex and confusing, but it’s an essential component to achieve better rankings. As a website owner, you’re in this race whether you like it or not — so you might as well do what you can to make your website fast as possible!

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