Why your web traffic is low & how to fix it

Low Web Traffic & How to Fix It

Web traffic is a huge component to your brand growth. Without this key item, your brand will not be profitable- it’s as simple as that. In order to know what to fix, you first need to diagnose what is going wrong with your webpage. The list can go on and on, but more often than not- it is one of these common issues that are keeping your website from maintaining a high traffic rate.

Too Many Keywords

Simplicity is key. The more you overload your keywords, search engine AI will boot your site as punishment. Do the appropriate market research on your industries keywords & once you find the most powerful words, make sure to spread them lightly to avoid visitors that will only leave just as fast as they arrive.

No Social Media Presence

Let’s be honest here, social media is king. Oftentimes, a visitor would like to do their own research & call their own judgment based on your social media presence. What other way can they get to know your identity, than to see how the rest of your audience interacts with your brand? Social media funnels large amounts of traffic to web pages, so don’t forget to stay relevant.

Your Website Doesn’t Have a Blog

Studies show that web pages that post regular content pertaining to their audience with updated articles, bring in exponentially more visitors than those without. By doing so, you raise your chances to be featured on the high ranks of major search engines. Websites with more than 200 pages drive about 240% more traffic than those with none.

Your Website Doesn’t Look Professional

Your brand’s website is a massive part of its identity. More often than not, your website is the customer or clients first impression. Ensuring you devote the investment towards a professional looking website, will only help bring your brand consistent growth in the long run.

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