Marz Partners with Blaze.Tech

Blaze.tech & Marz Agency Partner Together to Help Small Businesses Grow

Blaze.tech, a no-code platform, and Marz Agency, a creative digital marketing agency, have partnered together to help small and medium sized businesses grow.

Who is Blaze.tech?

About Blaze

Blaze is one of the leading no-code platforms that helps businesses create custom apps, software, and tools without needing any code. We supercharge the capabilities and productivity of non-technical people by allowing its users to

  1. Automatically connect into any data source or API

  2. Digitize legacy processes and create interactive workflows

  3. All the functionality of low-code with the exciting ease of no-code

Why Blaze

Blaze enables you to build custom software without needing engineers. Save time and money. Easily create apps in Blaze’s visual platform with drag-and-drop components, pre-made integrations with third party apps, user permission tools, and built-in security and scalability. 

Blaze is SOC 2 certified and HIPAA compliant, which is why we’re loved by companies like healthcare and financial services companies whose data security is of the utmost importance

Who Uses Blaze

From startups to Fortune 500 companies, Blaze is used by hundreds of organizations that want to build better technology tools to improve their business and catalyze its growth. Some examples include:

  1. Customer Onboarding: Professional customer onboarding portal built with your branding and exact requirements. Enable your customers to create usernames and passwords so they can save their onboarding progress.
  2. Contract Workflow: Manage your business contracts better by easily tracking all versions and revisions. Get contracts signed faster, enable teammates to access important documents, and automate your contract approval workflow.
  3. Inventory Management: Provide real-time visibility and analytics on inventory to your team. Create an automated and fully custom system so you know when to restock.

For startup companies or small businesses with few or no developers, Blaze is a secret weapon that helps them create their fully functioning software and app. 

Who is Marz Agency?

About Marz

Marz is your go-to full-service growth agency. We take a full-funnel approach and act as an in-house marketing team to your brand. What does that mean? It means we’ve got you covered from creatives, to paid media, to design and development ensuring that every step of your customer’s online journey is optimized for conversion.

Why Marz

From creating awareness, driving interest to converting leads, generating over 138 million trackable revenue,  and fostering loyalty, we’ve got the expertise and know-hows to maximize the most revenue for your brand and business. Our team knows how to craft compelling ads that grab attention, engage hearts and minds, and ultimately drive conversions.

Who Uses Marz

From early stage ventures to high-scaling DTC e-commerce stores, Marz teams up with brands and businesses that want to grow their business through paid social and creatives. 

For e-commerce brands that are looking to scale past their current thresholds, Marz can help supercharge your business with paid and creative strategies. 

Blaze.tech & Marz Agency Partnership

Blaze and Marz takes a tailored and hands-on approach to supporting our customers. We partnered so that our customers can easily access software development and digital marketing services that we know will meet their high standards and achieve their objectives. Blaze vetted Marz to be one of its trusted partners to recommend to existing customers who need great digital marketing services. Similarly, Marz selected Blaze as the preferred partner to recommend to its customers who need to build internal tools or apps.

Our partnership will enable businesses to onboard faster with our products and services and get more immediate impact.

Interested in scaling your business?

Get in touch with us here. We look forward to working with you.

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