How Social Media Trends Can Influence Your SEO

Social Media Trends and its Influence on Social Media

We all know social media trends can give brands a huge advantage to gain more recognition. From using the most popular audio clips, the latest challenge, or reinventing viral trends, social media provides a huge advantage for staying ahead of the competition. If your digital marketing strategy doesn’t take advantage of social media trends, we will show you why it’s so important and how to eye the next trending move of social media.

Take advantage of trending content

The best way to add yourself into the movement is by recreating the trend, adding your brand’s identity. By doing so, you can deliver your message and spread brand awareness in a genuine, organic way. Adding a call to action to your content will help drive traffic to your website, and with the right content, can be at no cost.

How brands utilize influencers to increase traffic and demand

The influencer market is increasing daily, showing its constant value to brands. Having influencers promoting your brand while also participating in current trends is a great way to get noticed. With this style of content, not only will the influencer catch the attention of their own audience, but will deliver the message in a very genuine way.

Creating the perfect influencer marketing campaign

When launching a influencer marketing campaign, there are some things to keep in mind, here are a few:

  • Pin-point campaign goals and target audience
  • Avoid one time trends or collaborations
  • Work with a number of influencers to see who reaches your audience best
  • Start or participate in a social media challenge
  • Add paid advertising into the mix

As of right now, social media is still a platform where not only paid, but organic content can reach millions, so it’s fairly easy even for new and small brands to join the game of co-creating viral trends and/or producing optimized supporting content to capitalize on searches. And with the rise of social commerce, it will become an even more important tactic.

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