6 ways to increase your email response rate

How to Increase Email Response Rate

If you’re tired of feeling ignored, you picked the right place to be. Forget about the clickbait subject lines or meaningless promises and focus on dishing out valuable messages worthy of responses. Contrary to popular belief, those email templates you are using might be hurting you more than they are helping you. The goal here is to send out content to your email list that will not only make your readers interested, but willing to engage after reading. Be authentic, genuine & put the reader’s needs before your own.

Follow this successful set of key components for increasing email engagement and conversions:

Tell the reader what’s in it for them

  • Immediately after your opening tagline, get straight to the point. This shows you value their time, and use yours wisely to identify the needs of the reader. Show how your brand can help them.

Grab the attention of mobile users within the first sentence

  • Let’s be real, no one blindly trusts a subject line. Over the years, we have all become keen to the typical clickbait subject lines. It’s time to think outside of the box. Like most users, I typically check my emails via mobile phone- so the subject line needs to be short & sweet with your brand’s key words.

Grammar matters, seriously

  • This is a policy amongst all marketing, but readers want to feel connected once opening your email. Spell their name right- no matter how great the rest of the email is, 9/10 times, the reader will disregard the entire thread from a small mistake. The same thing applies to basic grammar and punctuation, keep it clean & readable.

Focus on the creation & exhaustion of the tension

Here’s some classic phrases that let the reader know you care about helping them find a solution to what they’ve been looking for:

  • “I know you’re looking to…”
  • “Brands facing the challenge yours now faces…”
  • “Your content team is doing an excellent job, but are likely stretched thin…”

From here, you give them the answer they didn’t realize they needed. The biggest takeaway here is to research & test, test, test. No two readers are alike, but it’s likely they will be subscribed to you for the same reasons.

So don’t forget:

  • Keep it simple
  • Make it personal
  • Try multiple combinations until you find your perfect recipe

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